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The Napalm Death Special Issue (Includes Flexi Disc)


Through over 30 years of musical destruction; 15 full-length albums; tours across all corners of the globe, grindcore progenitors Napalm Death are a fixture of the extreme music community, and Decibel has a lot to say about it.

Not only is this limited edition Napalm Death issue packed with 100% all-new, all-Napalm content, including a Hall of Fame induction of their acclaimed The Code is Red ... Long Live the Code, The Top 50 Napalm Death Songs, interviews with producers, ex-members and a ranked of every album from worst to best from none other than Shane Embury), each issue includes a flexi disc of a new, never-before heard Napalm Death song, only available here!

And as with every special, issue once they're gone, they're gone for good. Avoid fear, emptiness and despair -- get your copy right now!

Note: This special issue is NOT included as part of a monthly Decibel subscription

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