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Subscribe or Renew - with bonus flexis!

Subscribe or Renew - with bonus flexis!



Subscribe (or renew your subscription) to Decibel now and get the following FIVE flexi discs FREE in addition to your 12 or 24 monthly flexi-containing issues of Decibel

  • Neurosis - "Locust Star (1995 Demo)"
  • Eyehategod - "The Liar's Psalm"
  • Bloodbath - "Beyond Cremation"
  • 1349 - "Tornado" 
  • Dark Tranquillity - "Sorrow's Architect"
* Hurry -  offer expires September 23, 2016! While supplies last. Offer is limited to U.S. only. Offer is also available to current subscribers (your order will be processed as a renewal). A shipping charge will be assessed at checkout.

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