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Record Store Day Presents Decibel Completely Extreme Volume One [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition LP]

Decibel is North America’s only monthly metal magazine, celebrating 16 years as the U.S.’s preeminent brand in heavy metal media. The organizers of Record Store Day work year- round to celebrate and shine a spotlight on indie record stores. Together, they present the first ever COMPLETELY EXTREME vinyl compilation. Limited to 1000 copies. Gold-foil numbered. First in a series. Only available at indie record stores.
Track listing:
1. Napalm Death “Nurse the Hunger”
2. Red Fang “Antidote”
3. Cirith Ungol “Brutish Manchild”
4. Undergang “Menneskeæder”
5. Drouth “A Crown of Asphodels”
6. Necrot “Stench of Decay”
7. Wolf King “Sanctuary”
8. Incantation “Black Fathom’s Fire”
9. Plague Years “Incantation”
10. Woman is the Earth “The Rope Gets Tighter”