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ROTTING WAYS TO MISERY: The History of Finnish Death Metal (U.S. Edition)

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Decibel Books proudly presents Rotting Ways to Misery: The History of Finnish Death Metal. The definitive guide to the magical and morbid world of Finnish death metal, has been completely redesigned and edited for a North American release! Authors Markus Makkonen and Kim Strömsholm explore the extreme metal and thrash scenes of late ’80s, the short-lived but explosive scene of the early ’90s and the eventual devastating resurgence of death metal within the country. Limited to 1,000 copies. 364 pages, hardcover.

Includes previously unpublished photos and exclusive interviews with artists including:

AmorphisSentencedPhlegethonXysmaThergothonFunebreDemilichDemigodPurtenanceMordicusDisgraceNecropsyRotten SoundAbhorrenceNational Napalm SyndicateFesterdayFaff BeyMengeleMaple CrossA.R.G.PutridConvulseCartilageInferiaCoffinMythosLubricant • and more

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