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In advance of their appearance at Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles 2021, we are proud to unveil our Decibel-edition vinyl variant of SpiritWorld’s striking debut LP Pagan Rhythms. Pressed on shockingly sun-bleached “Ritual Human Sacrifice Bone”-colored vinyl, this ultra rare variant comes complete with alternate high-contrast cover art, and accompanied by a limited-edition 12-inch x 12-inch art print to help set the stage for this death-western showdown. With just 300 total units pressed on this caustic colorway—and only 250 made available to Decibel readers—this is the rarest edition ever of this bone-shattering brutal LP.

Produced, engineered and mastered by Sam Pura at Panda Studios, and featuring skins slapped on one half by Thomas Pridgen (ex-The Mars Volta) and the other by Adam Elliott (ex-Apiary), Pagan Rhythms is the “aural vision quest of Stu Folsom, a Las Vegas native who has taken the intensity of that blasted desert heat and given it voice.” It also serves as an auditory accoutrement to Godlessness, the collection of Western-horror short stories penned by Folsom and set in the Pagan Rhythms universe, equally inspired by “western pulp... and the twisted horror of Clive Barker.” Cormac McCarthy, eat your heart out.

With SpiritWorld recently signed to Century Media and about to embark on multiple dates of the Decibel Magazine Tour 2022, Decibel is proud to offer you the opportunity to snap up this devastating debut in deluxe edition from the Las Vegas visionaries. Says Century Media Vice President of A&R, Mike Gitter, “SpiritWorld is sonic world-building in the boldest way. It's a vision of the American West as somewhere south of heaven that’s equal parts Slayer, Louis Lamour, and Sam Peckinpah—full of dust, dirt and blood." Don't fail to see the signs—grab this LP while it's right before your eyes! 

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